The Cure for Buds

Breaking down freshly harvested buds to roll and smoke can be tempting, but for a creamy and silky smooth smoke, curing is key!

If you're smoking cannabis that hasn't been properly cured, you could be left with a batch of moist and harsh-tasting weed with low-THC. Curing is the final step of harvesting and begins immediately after drying when the cannabis is cut and separated from the plant forcing the plant to use up its remaining nutrients and will help shape the quality and flavor of the smoke.


Growers use glass mason jars to cure cannabis because the glass walls won't leach unwanted chemicals into your product and circulates the trapped air allowing buds to biosynthesize and convert cannabinoid compounds into new blends. This is the process in which the cannabis plant produces cannabinoids biologically identical to those of the cannabis plant and convert compounds such as THCA into THC, the main intoxicating compound in cannabis. 

Storage is a major key when it comes to curing; however, it is imperative that the buds are sealed in an airtight jar to prevent excess oxygen from stripping away the terpenes and beneficial cannabinoids.


Standard mason jars are equipped with a two-stage lid that creates a partial vacuum but storing cannabis in a glass container with a built-in airtight lid will decompress the right amount of air from the glass container and allow cannabis to cure. Using a storage solution with airtight technology will also help with keeping a controlled environment for your weed to cure.

Improperly curing cannabis can result in a moldy batch of marijuana. For proper storage during curing, glass jars should be 75% filled with marijuana— you'll want to leave a little air at the top to prevent the buds from being crushed, and moisture lock. Mold thrives when a moist batch of flowers is sealed in an airtight container.

The Cure for Curing

The Canlock Quarter+ offers the ideal storage solution for curing flowers — Its compact size and design circulate the remaining oxygen in the handheld glass container to facilitate the biosynthesis process and ensure your flowers are cured to perfection. For maximum yield of cannabinoids and terpenes, it is best to keep the Canlock Quarter+ in the dark controlled environment, at a humidity of 60-65% and a temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit.


Curing and storing cannabis in a Canlock Quarter+ will accentuate potency and flavor and extend the shelf-life of your weed up to a month. With just a push of a button, the built-in airtight seal in the lid prevents oxygen from stripping the strain’s cannabinoid profile and terpenes so you can always travel with a #FreshStash.